Micillo Company is a leader in furriers’ supplies, not only for what concerns the equipment required for fur manufacture and production, but also and especially for everything regarding fashion accessories, ranging from an average button to jewelry collection, strass collection completely handcrafted.

Another important section of our production os rapresented by fabrics.

In fact, a highly- qualified team of designers and stylists is constantly busy creating new fabrics, interpretating new fashon trends whit care and a sensitivity.

It is because of the different features, both technical and of usage, that we have divided all of our fabric products into three main collections: Duetto, whaterproof fabrics perfect for reversible collections; In Seta Collection , particular waterproof fabrics in pure silk; Lining, unique combined linings, either jacquard whit patterns and customizations, or printed.



    The role “Accessories” play in our collections has always dedicate to this part of ouractivity total and constant attention, to be always up to the very lasttrend.

    Our researches concern both the chromatic and stylistic updates, and the countinuous testing and experimentation about the combination of deferentmaterials, such as printed leather, mother-of-pearl, horn and SWAROWSKI crystal gems.

    For particular needs we can arrange esclusive collections.


    Oor cpòòections button are the result of the combination of, materials, colours and shake, like a game they have been matching to create a perfect balance among inspiration, fashon and elegance.


    Linings represent a crucial element in our collections, and because of this, they are dedicated most of our studies and researches to be always up-to-date not only in colors and designs, but also in the materials used.

    Our linings collection is created to satisfy every need, ranging from light micrell fabrics, both combined or printed, to devorè printings on pure silk, from acetate satin, combined or jacquard, to 100% pure silk fabrics. To meet particular need we can arrange exclusive lining collections, either for printed fabrics and/or jacquard. Duetto: waterproof fabrics, Our Duetto line consists of all of the fabrics used as the outers in the fur sector.

    They can be used in the creation of unique double-face designs or as exclusive outer-fabrics. All of the fabrics of the Duetto line are waterproof, they can be quited. In wool or acetate, in micrell or silk. For what concerns the Duetto line, as well as the linings, we can arrange exclusive collections to meet the most exigent client’s needs.




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